Tuesday, 5 June 2018


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So for the past few days, I have been stuck in a rut. I had these dope images that were taken and nothing to write to go with them. I got into this over-analytical bubble, trying to decide what sort of content people would most like to see or read. Content that would not only look good but would be useful, entertaining and valuable. I got slightly defeated and went into this weird funk and ultimately did nothing.

The sun is out which usually puts everyone in a good mood in London but ironically, the contrast between those who are enjoying the sun and those is a funk can cause people in the latter group to feel even more down. But I think we all deserve to enjoy the sun and our lives despite any frustrations that are out of our control so here are my tried and tested (on myself) tips on getting out of a funk – which I can safely say I am no longer in J.

1.     Take a minute to breathe and stop being so hard on yourself. Ok, so you haven’t got everything figured out. Who has? Do something that gets you out of your own head. Something that makes you zone out and forget your current “funk”. Some suggestions: read a book, meditate, exercise, watch a tv show, listen to music, take a nap.

2.      Do some self-analysing. Is there a specific reason you’re in this mental state? Something or someone has tampered with your energy? Taking into account why you are feeling the way you are and constantly asking yourself “why?” can get you to the root of your issue. Then you can start on the process of getting out of the funk.

3.     Look at the bigger picture – shit could be worse. A couple weeks ago I went to an event and fell on my face twice. In the same spot. I ran out with a bleeding chin and knee and at the time I was both incredibly embarrassed and in pain LOL. I eventually realised that things could have been much worse. I could have had no friends there to help me, I could have been even more badly injured and I could have fallen down 3 times instead of just two. Comparing your situation to how it could have been worse is proven to have positive effects.

4.     Communicate – Talking to someone can help you see your problems with fresh eyes. A different perspective can be helpful in bringing you out of your funk.

5. Just do it – Even if you’re not feeling up to doing anything, do something anyway. We often have the idea that we need to be inspired to create or do something but actually just doing the thing you want to do or starting something can lead you to get inspired. Action can lead to inspiration which can get you out of your funk.

Disclaimer – I’m not an expert in the psychological field so please see a professional if you feel your “funk” is not actually a funk at all and is in fact something deeper. J

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