Sunday, 13 May 2018

Take Me Apart

I often grapple with the very important task of what to put in my social media bios. My lack of clarity resulting in my twitter bio reading “down to mars gal” and my Instagram bio only displaying links to my blog and youtube in the hopes that people just get it, you know? In a time where personal branding is oh so crucial to marketing yourself, I keep seeing articles on how we need to define ourselves, stick to a niche, pick a label. All that says to me is: limit yourself.

 That scares me as I hate the idea of placing a glass ceiling above me. Labelling myself immediately conjures up a picture of a box or four walls with no wriggle room. As a kid, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say I don’t know. Not because I was unimaginative or unambitious but because I couldn’t see myself being just one thing. Fast-forward to present day and I get asked “where do you see yourself in 5 years”. How should I know Sharon? I’m not Dr Strange. And even if I were, I would be able to see a million possibilities (excuse the Marvel reference, I just saw Avengers: Infinity War).


There are the obvious pros to labelling yourself and what you do. You instantly start to solidify how people see you in the world. People don’t have to wildly guess your job, what you do or your personality. But it’s the cons I tend to focus on when someone asks me “so what do you do?”, or when I’m struggling to find a blanket description for my Instagram bio.

In My Head.. 

Labels can be meaningless. If you label a bowl full of water “vodka”, that’s just false. Just because I call myself one thing, that doesn’t mean I am. And who can be just one thing all the time? Humans are multi-faceted beings and sticking to one label dilutes that. In essence, labels can be misleading. 

Not labelling yourself opens you up to possibilities and opportunities that people may think you’re suited for by looking at the display of your work rather than the label you place on yourself. Opportunities you may not have gotten if you placed yourself in a single box. 

By not labelling yourself, you get to develop and explore your interests. Something I think is really important when we’re trying to figure out our career paths. Considering I’m a recent graduate, trying to figure out a lot of things, it seems premature to place myself in a box. 

When I look at people like Donald Glover (not to be that stan) who is incredibly multi-talented, the thought of labelling myself as one thing becomes even more unappealing. 

If you take away one thing from my ramblings it should be this: whether you chose to label yourself or not, don’t limit your capabilities. I had these pictures- taken by Delz Erinle (@wolfofnewstreet) – and I looked pensive so I thought I’d make a rambling post lol. Hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse into my head.  

Post Song Title: Take Me Apart - Kelela


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