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Turtleneck – New Look  // Sweatshirt – Primark (similar) // Trousers – Topshop (similar) // Necklace – Asos  // Shoes – Raid via Asos (similar) // Bag – Topshop

 Summer is around the corner (hopefully) and we’re all trying to save money to either have a great time in the swift moving London heat or enjoy a relaxing vacation in the cities on our bucket list. You don’t necessarily have to look a mess in order to save money though. Here are my top 6 tips for looking good on a budget:

1.     MAKE A LIST

Make a list of the essentials, the must-haves, the “if I don’t get this in my closet right now, I might just cry” items you need. After you’ve done this, take a minute to evaluate the list and see what you can cross off. Either go for a few basic pieces you can style with a lot of what you already have or go for one unique statement piece that may be worth all those basic ones together. By using this list method, you can also budget wisely and see exactly where your money will be going.

If you’re sticking to a budget, you need to be on the look out for sales. Just last week, Nastygal was having a sale with free next-day delivery and I bought a top for half the original price. I ended up wearing it on a night out the following Saturday and lovinggg my look. Get updates sent to your email or phone so you never miss a sale. I knowww, constant alerts in your inbox are annoying but they might just give you the 20% or 70% discount you need to make your budget work. If you’re a student, you better be making use of that unidays account!

Some stores with great prices out of sales include: Bershka, Asos, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, Nastygal, New Look, Pull&Bear, Forever21 and Primark (obviously).


Depop is an app where people can buy and sell their clothes, shoes, accessories and more. It’s super easy to set up and use and you’re able to talk directly to whoever you’re buying or selling from. I’ve used it for both buying and selling and highly recommend. In regards to Ebay, I don’t think they even need an introduction. You can find great items on Ebay and Depop for awesome/ affordable prices. Although I will say keep an open mind on what you’re looking for as they may have versions of it but not exactly what you want.


I read somewhere about about this woman who was fed up with saving money. She wasn’t good at it, so she decided to make a lot of money instead. This is a great mindset in my opinion. You need to have money before you can budget or save and that means getting a J-O-B. Or a side-hustle at least (legal please lol). Whether it’s working retail, waitressing or bartending you should be doing something that makes the food your bank account eats. Do you have a service you can provide; a product you can make or sell? A hobby you never really took seriously but could actually get you coins? Get creative and think about ways to expand your budget. Again, Depop and Ebay can really help with this!


This one’s kind of a no-brainer. If you’re budgeting and trying to look good, you need to be working with what you have any way you can. This means re-wearing and re-working certain items. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you can style certain things if you tried. Accessorising is also a great way to save money and still look good. Instead of constantly buying different items, play around with how you accessorise. A scarf, a belt or a hat could easily transform a look. Test out the different accessories you have laying around.


This last tip may not be for everyone but hear me out! Have you ever lent out a jacket or a skirt or a blouse to someone? Have you ever borrowed an item of clothing form another friend? Why not suggest to your closest friends that you come together with a few items you wouldn’t mind lending out for a set amount of time and have a clothes exchange party :) . Can you tell I just came up with this? It might be worth a try though! This way you can try new looks without having to actually spend money. As they are you’re closest friends, you can also text them to get an item back anytime you desperately need it.

I really hope these tips helped! I will be back with a new blog post (or video) soon. Do feel free to comment if there’s anything specific you want to see from me!

Photos by Ahanna Anaba (@thefauxtograph)

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