Saturday, 17 March 2018

Nuh Time / Tek Time

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Dress - Zara // Shoes - Puma // Coat - Zara (similar) // Earrings - Zara (sold out sorry!) // Necklace & Rings - Forever21 // Bag - Topshop // Scarf - (vintage) Blitz London

It's 8:00am and you've hit the snooze button on your phone for the 5th time already. You need to get out of bed now or you'll miss the bus you always seem to be racing with. You hop out of the shower and grab the closest items on hand and rush out the door without make up. This scenario has been me several times in the past. Every time it happened on my way to uni or work, I always prayed I wouldn't run into anyone I knew or even worse an ex lol. Looking good at work or uni can be a very hard task to consistently accomplish, yet some people seem to be able to function at 9am lectures with heels on, make-up to the max and fur coats on hand. This week, I changed up my routine so that I could look less troll-like at work and had great results so I thought I'd share my tips! Welcome to the sleepy girl's guide to looking good at work (or uni)...
#Tip1 - Accessorise
I have never been the person to accessorise much but recently I've been getting into it. Rings are probably my favourite pieces of jewellery but I also love a nice statement earring. I say, if the earrings aren't visible, there's really no point in wearing them. Zara has some great ones btw! Accessories can boost your outfit a lot and if you're rushing out of your house, why not keep them close by? I have pieces I wear regularly and I keep them in a little asos box (open) on my bedside table so I always see them before I leave.

#Tip2 - Plan Ahead
This tip seems like a no-brainer but for someone that never did it, it was a game changer. Most of the time getting ready in the morning meant spending an extra 20 mins simply looking for something to wear. Something that would actually look good. On Sunday I decided to plan what I would wear every day from Monday through to Friday and honestly I'm not going back. I cut down the amount of time I spend getting ready in the morning by at least 15 minutes and if I decided to wear something else, I knew I had a back up plan.

#Tip3 - Cut Down Your Make-Up Routine
I wore make-up to work everyday this week which is something I wouldn't normally do as I never had time. I saved more time by cutting down what I actually put on my face. Saves make-up and time! I stopped doing my eyebrows and just wore foundation and concealer and some lip cream to give my lips more colour. This tip might not seem appealing to everyone but why not try it out? See what you can cut down in your make-up routine to still look good but give yourself those extra few minutes so you're not rushing out of your house.

#Tip4 - Switch Up Your Hairstyle
I'm constantly changing my hair and trying out new things which I think gives my outfits different looks. Try changing your hairstyle or deciding how you're going to have your hair everyday on the Sunday before your week begins. This will have you less stressed when the week begins and you have no idea what to do with your hair. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my hair throughout this week but I got lazy when Wednesday rolled round and I ended up wearing a scarf for the last three days. This is another great tip. If you're having a bad hair day or just don't want to deal with your hair, use a scarf. There are so many different way to tie and style it! I would recommend using a neutral coloured scarf that can go with a lot of outfits.

#Tip5 - Wear What Makes Your Feel Good
My last tip is to wear what makes you feel good at least one day of the week. Life can get hard and stressful in uni or at work and this can have adverse effects on our mood. Although wearing something that looks good may not alleviate all the bad, if you feel good in what you're wearing and how you look, this can help lift your mood. So if there is something new you've bought recently (a piece of jewellery, some new shoes, a cute dress or jeans) or something you know you look really good in or something that just makes you really comfortable - wear it! At least once. 

I hope these tips help you!

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