Monday, 15 January 2018

New Balance

I want to start off this post by thanking anyone (aka you) who reads my blog, follows me on my socials (well, if you do) and everyone that comments. I appreciate every single person and comment because it fuels me to keep writing and creating content. 

Get the Look:
Hoodie- similar // Pinafore dress - Asos (similar, similar) // Shoes- Raid (similar) // Coat - Zara (similar)

 HOT Style Tip: If you're wearing a pair of dungarees (overalls if you're American) or a pinafore dress in winter, try layering up with a hoodie, sweatshirt or sweater underneath to transition from summer/fall to winter. I try and make pieces in my wardrobe work regardless of the season. What I couldn't make work though, was my whole entire week - last week.

Remember my last blog post when I said my year was off to a not-so-great start? Well, at the risk of sounding dismal, the following week did not get any better. Bad things kept on happening. You know one of those situations where a series of bad things continuously  build up until one small bad thing shifts the balance, sending you into a crumbling heap? Yeahhh, that was me. And it seemed the more I tried to stay positive and grateful, the worse things got and the worse I felt. In true millenial fashion, I took to twitter to have a little rant - tweets are currently deleted (but follow me anyway! @maevewp). 

Ok, here's the less bleak part... During that mess of a week, I realised one thing: Life is about balance and feeling balanced rather than feeling positive all the time. You cannot negate bad things from happening in your life by being positive all the time. Sometimes I think doing that actually does more harm than good. Trying to stay positive all the time doesn't allow you to process how you feel about certain things and it's so important to listen to your emotions. 

Let's take the example of a break-up. You've gotten out of a relationship and you are understandably torn. But instead of acknowledging this, you tell yourself you're allllll good. You tell yourself you're happy. You pretend you're happy, you decide the next day to head to the gym to get your revenge body and as you bend your knees to illicit a lunge, a song comes on on shuffle that reminds you of your ex, you start to tear up. Next thing you know, you have to run to the bathroom because you're bawling your eyes out (to clarify this has never happened to me - I can't remember the last time I was in the gym lol). In essence, what has happened is you have not processed the breakup or your emotions. Although trying to look on the bright side of things is generally good and life is much easier if you're grateful than moping around BUT you need to be careful that you're not just putting on layers of faux positivity. Addressing why you feel the way you do is a great way to get over that thing you're trying to get over. Sometimes you need to acknowledge you felt something to move on from it. And don't just focus on the bad or the good.  

There's a tweet out in the world from SZA (my faveee - s/o to you if you're still playing Z till today) that says you shouldn't necessarily focus on peace but on balance (something along those lines). Which I think is pretty good advice. We're all human and we can't ride that positive wave all the time (how I wish). We're allowed to be human and feel what we need to feel to get through things. Just don't let that feeling consume you. BALANCE is key folks.

Also, I think I'm gonna start naming posts after songs or albums again. This post- New Balance by Jhene Aiko

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