Monday, 8 January 2018

Make It Work

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Jumper - Zara // Top - UA (similar)  // Trousers - Asos // Shoes - Vans // Coat - Zara (similar) // Necklace - Asos

 It's 2018 and I'm back with my weird edits and ramblings. Who else has had a not-so-great start to their year? I planned on creating loads of content over the weekend but falling ill (which was odd as I haven't been ill since 2016 - God bless my immune system) meant I was stuck in bed, drained and watching re-runs of tv shows like The Mindy Project. I managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to take these pics though and crashed right back. This is my first time taking pictures indoors since 2016 I think, but I'm trying to make it work!.One good thing about being ill though is that it makes you appreciate great health and having loads of energy. One thing 2017 has taught me is to be grateful and not take opportunities or people for granted. Some other lessons from 2017 include:
 1. Someone treating you badly is not a reflection of you. - It's often the case when someone treats us with disregard we think we've done something wrong. We analyse our behaviour or our personalities and question ourselves but in these situations, the chances are it's nothing we have done. The person may be lashing out because they feel insecure or incompetent within themselves and this has nothing to do with how you have behaved. If you honestly can look at your actions and say you've done nothing wrong and you haven't treated the person badly- then it's not on you! Talk to the person or create distance for your own peace of mind. You cannot continue to disturb your peace because of someone else's inconsiderate actions.
 2. You attract what you put out - I've been reading The Secret which deals with the law of attraction and positivity the power of the mind. I think however, this should be taken with a pinch of salt as you ultimately can't control other people's actions. However, if your goal is happiness, you can definitely attract that into your life primarily through your thoughts. Thoughts of contentment and joy (yeah, I know I sound like a Christmas card haha). If you want something, you can attract it into your life by working for it and putting the thought in your head that it is already yours. 

3. Learn to Let GO - It's ok to not hold on so tightly to certain things - especially when we feel them drifting away. It's a sign that at this point in your life, it's not mean to be there. There may also be times when we're so comfortable with a certain thing being in our lives that it's hard to let go but it's important to learn how to if it no longer contributes to your happiness or it is no longer aligned with your journey or mindset. 

4. Take care of yourself first - SO IMPORTANT. You cannot help others if you can't help yourself first. It's like the oxygen mask instruction on the plane just before you take off. If you're not in a great mental state, financial state or physical state, as much as you love someone, you cannot completely be there for them. If you are not happy within yourself, how do you expect to share happiness? If you don't love yourself, how to expect to give or receive love adequately? This is probably the best lesson I will be taking with me into 2018. It's not necessarily about being selfish, more about building yourself up in order to help build others. 

Let me know what lessons stuck with you in 2017!

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