Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Awkward Blogger

 Get The Look:
Cami Top  - New Look // Shirt - Zara (similar, similar) // Jeans - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Marks & Spencer (similar) // Coat - Zara (similar)

I often hear "everyone's a blogger" or "blogging is an oversaturated market" - quickly accompanied by some rolling eyes or a sigh. Which often leads me to ask myself why I am doing this? I get almost no money and it takes time and energy to plan, schedule shoots and generally create content. Trickles of self-doubt that can quickly turn into floods if I let it. I try and cancel out those thoughts by remembering what I love about blogging and how it has helped me. I love writing, styling myself, shooting, editing  and connecting with you guys. I've learnt a lot about editing (both audio and video content) and I find it so fun! I've also learnt a lot about an industry that, a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have thought I'd be a part of. Having said all this, however, I am definitely an awkward blogger. 

I'm still yet to get used to the staring from curious folk as I take pictures on the street. I know some bloggers take a majority of their pictures inside but natural light works best for the camera I use, hence I cannot be a hermit and avoid the prying eyes of street-walkers. It naws on me every single time I stand in front of the camera. I try to look as nonchalant as possible but internally I'm screaming "ignore me! there's nothing to see here". I have to remind myself that I'm not the only one that does this and it isn't as weird as I think. In fact, during this very shoot, a lovely lady came up to me, pointing to a location she usually sees people taking pictures that I could try. I even ran into someone else shooting! Although whether they were bloggers is unknown to me. In essence, I need to remember that I am just a little fish in a very vast sea of influencers and situations are only awkward if you make them awkward.

Additionally, my anxiety (as I'm sure I've mentioned before) is particularly rife in social situations, which makes networking twice as hard as it should be (read Comfort Zone for more on this topic). I'm a work in progress but I will get there.

Another way in which I'm an awkward blogger is in the fact that I'm an outfit (or at least item) repeater. *Insert gasp here*. Honestly, unless you're loaded or being constantly gifted clothing and goodies, you are bound to repeat items of clothing for the sake of putting together a cute outfit. If I have a piece that can be worn two completely different ways, the chances are, I will shoot both looks. Playing around with your style is fun. Take this shirt for example, I'm pretty sure I've worn it for another post but throwing this maroon, New Look, top over it, gives it another dimension and switches things up.  

Lastly, I don't blog just about style, as you already know. I blog about things that affect me in my daily life as well. Most of the time my writing is spontaneous and last minute. I could be writing about something that's been on my mind during the week or about a topic that's been on my mind in the last hour. It's sporadic and I guess raw in that sense (or maybe I should get more organised  - 2018 perhaps?). In any case, maybe being awkward can be a good thing and I just need to embrace it more. Ironically that might be a resolution to my awkwardness.


  1. WOW I love this article. Your writing is so good. And cheers to being an 'awkward blogger'. Embrace who you are and keep shining 😄❤

    1. Thanks love! Glad you liked it - I hope everyone comes to embrace their awkwardness haha!