Monday, 20 November 2017

Comfort Zone

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Jumper - H&M (similar, similar) // Trousers - House Of Sunny // Jacket - Zara // Shoes - Adidas Stan Smiths // Bag - Bakwai

H&M is my go-to this winter when in comes to knit wear. This jumper is so warm and cozy. However, I would suggest looking through the online store as there is more of a selection there. I usually stay in my comfort zone when it comes to my style and you'll more than likely catch me in oversized clothing and trainers.

I'm sure we all know the quote "life begins at the end of your comfort zone". It's very cliche but I tend to think of this quote whenever I'm about to do something that I should do/ want to do but would completely take me out of my comfort zone. For example: going to an event alone. My social anxiety can get really bad (I won't go into too much detail) and I end up retreating. However, in my attempt at trying to fight this, I remember that quote. Last week, I did exactly this and ended up going to an event that I was looking forward to but one which none of my friends would be accompanying me. Knowing this, I almost backed out and considered spending my time binge watching a tv show on Netflix. I'm pleased to say I didn't and actually ended up having fun and meeting some cool and interesting people. 

One aspect of stepping out of my comfort zone includes doing things (in public) by myself, such as going to events, eating out etc. It's one thing being comfortable with ones own company in private and another to be comfortable with your own company in public spaces. I've found that there is a stigma attached to the latter. What are your thoughts when you see someone eating dinner in a restaurant alone? In the past I would think "that person must be lonely". I met someone a while ago that told me he frequently goes to the cinema alone and when I heard that I asked why he didn't go with friends. Surely that must be lonely? Now I'm thinking of the next movie I can see alone, attending concerts by myself and genuinely enjoying my own company. The more I do these things, the more comfortable I get and social situations seem less daunting. If you've been in a long relationship, coming out of that and doing things by yourself may be challenging but it's important to show yourself that you can. If you're in the state of "OMG what will people think if they see me by myself?", calm down because 1) I promise no-one thinks of you as much as you think they do and 2) who cares? Anyone that does care is probably insecure and uncomfortable with their own company. 

I would urge everyone to do one thing this week by themselves that they normally wouldn't. Let me know in the comments, how it goes! 

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