Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Style: Plaid

Dress - Zara // Jacket - Zara (similar) // Shoes - Vans // Watch - Asos // Earrings - Asos // Bag - A gift

Spotted this checked wrap dress at Zara and decided to pick it up. I've seen this pattern everywhere recently- but in blazer or trouser form. I'm not usually one to follow trends but I thought this wrap dress was different and it caught my eye, hence, style post! I haven't done a proper style post in a while because I've been kind of demotivated and just generally not in the right head space. Whenever this happens I feel like hiding or running away and I'm not as active on social media. However it always passes and that is the most important thing. Pushing yourself out of a negative headspace is hard but push anyway. You have to prove to those negative voices in your mind- your self doubt or fear- that you are great and you can do great things.

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