Friday, 22 September 2017

London Fashion Week Highlights SS18

This is my first time doing a London Fashion Week favourites/review but I thought I'd do something different. These are a few collections that stood out to me...


I liked pretty much every outfit in Marques Almeida's collection. The designs and cutouts were interesting and I found that the merging of different patterns made the collection stand out. A lot of the pieces were inspired my Dolly Parton, which was evident but the inclusion of oriental patterns, pastel colours and black and white stripes resulted in a unique collection. I think the setting of this catwalk was also great as the natural light gave the collection a fresh feel.


 I’m afraid to say I didn’t like all of this collection. I think half of the collection, I was really into and the other half not so much. The half I did like included hoodies, bucket hats and fish-net shirt dresses. One thing that also stood out to me were the white boots paired with shorts. I definitely think white boots will be on trend soon if they aren’t already.


   The varying use of the colour blue and the beautiful prints gave this collection an elegant flare and the billowing hems made the everything come together and look effortlessly chic.


The Julien Macdonald dresses were out of this world! From the mini dresses to the long gowns, you could see the intricacy and detail given to each look. If I were to ever walk the red carpet, I would want one of these. Each dress either had a high or plunging neckline- there was no in-between. The male outfits also having a distinct high/ turtle neck. Julien Macdonald knows how to make the female body look amazing.


  Ashish was giving me major goth/princess vibes. The whole collection was pretty badass. Although most of the pieces where dark and the eye- make up was dramatic, Ashish still managed to give a regal and feminine flare with the incorporation of enigmatic hoodies as well as sequins at ruffles. This collection was edgy and beautiful and I wish I could own every piece.


I really loved this collection especially as a lot of the pieces I could actually see myself wearing. I particularly liked the incorporation of pastel anoraks as they gave the collection a sportier vibe which I am all about. Christopher Bailey did a great job of intermingling the “preppy” flare Burberry usually exudes with the a more casual and sporty air. 


I really adore this collection. It was minimal but chic and a few things made these pieces stand out, such as the poofy sleeves and unconventional corsets. These pieces were undoubtedly made to accentuate one’s physique.

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