Tuesday, 12 September 2017


 Top - Brandy Melville (similar) // Joggers - Monki via Asos // Shoes - New Look (similar)

I saw these ruffle-end joggers on Asos and I loved them. It makes for an interesting twist to a basic piece. I say basic with no negative connotation attached to it - I love sweatpants! (especially ones that aren't functionally designed for sweatpant usage like these haha).
 Something I have subconsciously given negative connotations to, however, is the word "introvert"- which has been often used to describe me.  

All my life I’ve been called quiet or shy. When I was younger I was basically mute (due to anxiety reasons). I was always told I had to speak up; that I wasn’t putting enough effort in class because I didn’t talk – even though my grades were great. That I wouldn’t get far in life being quiet. That I’m too “anti”. I’ve never had too many friends because people tend to not want to put in an effort with people who are initially shy. Even recently I had someone tell me they didn’t want to hang out with me because I didn’t talk enough when they first met me. Which I thought was ok because not everyone clicks with everyone they meet. What’s not ok though, is the fact that for basically all my life (up until a month ago) I’ve felt like there was something wrong with me because of this. I internalised the notion that loud and extrovert was always better. So I would go out of my way to watch videos and read up on how to be more social, how to be louder – basically how to be super talkative. Doing these things helped somewhat in making me more social but they didn’t stop me from beating myself up for every interaction I had because I thought I wasn’t loud or talkative enough.

I wasn’t embracing the fact that yes, I am quiet sometimes but that’s ok. I’m loud when I need to be and when it’s important. I am opinionated and confident but I don’t feel the need to always talk about my opinions. I get told I’m soft-spoken, which I think is positive.  There is an importance in knowing how to network, but I do not feel you need to be extroverted to do this.
 The point I’m trying to make is that, being an introvert is cool and there’s nothing wrong with it. You will not fail at life because you aren’t a loud person. The person that comes to mind when I think of a successful introvert is Frank Ocean. The guy is a recluse! And he is amazingly talented. He got people to recognise him regardless. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being extrovert and incredibly outgoing as well. Don’t let what other people say have you thinking there’s something wrong with you or let that be the reason you stop yourself from reaching your goals. And for those who think shy people don’t wan to open up or that they’re not friendly, just give them a little time.

Sidenote: These pictures were taken last week as I've been super busy. The weather in London was not as trash as it is right now - hence I was able to wear a cami outdoors. Summer is officially over so more fall/winter fashion will be coming your way!

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