Thursday, 7 September 2017

LIFE: How to Reclaim Your Time

I decided to write this post, inspired by aunty Maxine (see video at the end of this post) because I feel I have wasted entirely too much time on the wrong things and I have let myself be disheartened, distracted and passive. So I am reclaiming my time! Follow me on this journey and read on for steps you can take to go on your own personal expedition ...

    1.     Learn to say NO - 
This is a very important step to reclaiming your time. If you are anything like me , you hate  letting your friends and family down so this step may be very hard. However, if you find yourself constantly saying yes to people, saying yes to that party that you really don’t want to attend, saying yes to dinner at that restaurant you hate, saying yes to buying a ticket to that event you know is going to be a snooze, then, you are losing your time. Reclaim it by learning to say no and being bold. Once you start saying yes and no to the right things, I promise it will become easier. 

2.     Prioritise/ deadlines - 

For this step, I’m going to ask you to take a moment and ask yourself what is important to you. Get a pen and piece of paper and make a list if you have to. You need to know what and who is important to you in order to prioritise and give the right amount of time to the things that are important. Once you prioritise, make deadlines and stick to them. In turn, you will also be able to make more time for yourself. If you’re having difficulty with this step, also ask yourself why certain things are important to you. We often think things without finding out why we do, but asking yourself “why?” goes a long way to understanding yourself, stopping bad habits and prioritising wisely.

3.     Take a break – carve out time (travel, treat yoself) -

Ok, so this is a really fun step (however, it requires you to heed step one and two). TAKE A BREAK. Sometimes we work really hard on something and once it’s over and the result is reached, we’re on to the next thing. You need to carve out some time for yourself in-between (and often) so you don’t lose your shit. Start believing that you deserve happiness and care, stop being so hard on yourself and you will find that you are reclaiming your time. In the wise words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, “treat yourself!”. Travel, go on a spa trip, go on a run (if that relaxes you), or just run a nice bubble bath and take some time to take care of yourself.

       4.    Stop looking at other people -
Think about it. If you’re spending so much time looking at what other people are doing, talking about other people, constantly scrolling through social media (think about how many hours you actually spend on here – I know I am guiltyyy) - you’re losing time! The best way to reclaim it, in this day and age, is to take a social media break. Stay with me, I know this is going to be really daunting for some – especially if your job relies on social media. I’m not saying go on a break for a week or a month – it could be a few hours in the day. Schedule a time to turn off your phone, delete your apps or just turn off your notifications and avoid social media for a while. It honestly clears your mind a lot. We have so much info coming to us on social media constantly that we don’t realise how much time we spend on there. Taking time off gives you more time for yourself and helps you focus.

     5.     Do what you love -
The more time you spend doing what you love – whether creative or non-creative, the more you feed your soul and the happier you will be. Find out that thing you love, that thing that takes your mind off negative things and keep doing it.

6.     Take up space - 
Lastly, reclaim your time by taking up as much space as you can in this world. By this I mean, take up as much space as you can in the industry you love, take up as much space as you can in the places they tell you you’re not good enough for. Don’t let someone else belittle you or push you aside. Refuse to back down until you have reclaimed your space in this world. 

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