Thursday, 3 August 2017

style : INSECURE

Dress - Zara || Jacket - Zara (similar) || Shoes - Vans

I I don’t really wear dresses- especially not tight dresses-  but when I saw this beautiful colour whilst browsing ZARA racks, I thought I should try it. Dresses may not be that bad, maybe it’s time to step out of my comfort zone? So I did. I bought it. Wore it and decided to shoot it. However, once I saw the pictures on my camera, I suddenly hated the dress. I hated the way I looked in it - despite my photographer being awesome.. In short, I was having a particularly insecure day. I know I’ve previously talked about body confidence and being comfortable with your spirit vessel butttt we’re also all human and sometimes can’t help feeling down. It’s natural. However, staying down and dwelling on negative thoughts is a choice. There are different ways of picking yourself up and here are a few tricks I use:

1.     Stay active – I don’t mean go to the gym everyday but staying active and busy and constantly moving can keep your mind off negative thoughts
2.     Get creative – Put your energy into something fun and challenging.
3.     Affirmations! – Set some affirmations for yourself, tell yourself what you need to hear to feel good and believe it! Say this to yourself first thing in the morning and at night if you need to. Put up post aids of your affirmations if you need to. Speak to yourself in the mirror if you need to. You’re awesome and the only person that can decide otherwise is you.
4.     Meditation – This is something I’ve recently started doing but it helps, especially if you are someone like me that gets anxiety. Clearing your mind and getting in tune with yourself and surroundings is a great feeling and can help you focus on what is important. (Headspace is a good app for this).
5.     AVOID self-deprecating comments – at all costs. Indulging in jokes about your appearance or your intelligence is not at all as funny as you may think. Stop speaking negative things about yourself into existence.
6.     Stop comparing yourself – You may not be where you want to be in life right now but you may be where you should be. Try and find the lessons in every situation. Don’t compare your appearance, intelligence or success to others. Be grateful.
Also, speaking of insecurities, have you guys been watching Insecure? I’m in love with this show and the soundtrack is curated perfectly! If you looking for a funny show to lift your mood, I recommend.

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