Tuesday, 3 January 2017

We Gon' Be Alright

Jacket - H&M (similar) // Top - New Look // Mom Jeans - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Stan Smiths

Hey lovelies, I dug this coat up from the back of my incredibly disorganised closet and decided to style it. This is a simple look I put together as my first post of the new year. I love how most people are so positive coming into 2017, including myself, and I hope this momentum continues throughout the year. For those however, who didn't have a positive start to the new year, you need to think of everyday day as a start to the new year. At the risk of sounding "preachy", I'm going to say, each day is a new one and you can take it as a new start to your 365. If you weren't where you wanted to be yesterday and you know what your goal is, make a plan and start again. Put your all into what you're trying to achieve and trust in yourself that you can do it. No-one can do that for you. 
Last year, I made a list of things I learned in 2015 and made a post about it, but the truth is, I was still making similar mistakes in 2016. I didn't stick to my plans for the new year and I let toxic people back into my life that should have been left in 2015. I was so worried about trying to make sure the people around me were happy and I would go out of my way for people who wouldn't do the same for me. I was definitely lost in 2016 but I also grew and learned so much about myself.  I wish it wasn't the case that the worst situations you go through are the ones that teach you the best lessons but I guess that's the positive you can take from them. My main goal this year is to be happy. Yes, I have other resolutions but if my mental health is suffering and I'm not happy, then achieving those resolutions would not be as meaningful. 


  1. I like your coat...we all need to be mentally happy this year...positive vibes only

  2. Great message! I totally agree that each day is a new day to start over and be a better you. I hope that you achieve your goals for this year and share your experience with us. Great outfit by the way. Have a wonderful year! :)