Friday, 20 January 2017


Jumper - Zara (similar, similar)  // Trousers - Zara (similar) // Shoes - Zara 

So it’s almost the end of January and for the past few days I have been feeling really good. Like REALLY good. It’s kind of like a light switch has been turned on in my head and I’m starting to see things a bit differently. It’s very unusual for a good mood to last this long for me and I hope it doesn’t wane any time soon. Keep reading and I’ll let you in on my secret.

So you’re probably thinking something spectacular must have happened in my life that has made me borderline obnoxiously happy. Maybe a new guy has walked into my life, I’ve got my dream job or someone has just given me a whole load of cash and I’m jetting off somewhere soon (…hmm a vacation would be nice lol) but nope. Everything is still pretty much regular London-student life. What has changed is my mind-set. This is the point where you roll your eyes say, is that it? Yes, it is! That’s all that has changed. There is so much power in the mind. My favourite quote is “imagination creates reality, and as desire is a part of imagination, the world we desire is more real than the world we passively accept”. I always understood this quote but now I’m actually deciding to live it. I have decided to imagine everything I want and believe that it will happen no matter what. I’ve decided to stop doubting my capabilities. If I can imagine something I’m going to damn well make it happen.
You have to get out of that mind-set that the Universe is against you. It wants to help you, if you let it. Making yourself the victim and believing it’s against you is the easiest trap to fall into and the easiest way to stay stagnant. Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you knew you could do anything and actually had the audacity to try to do it? Anyway, for the past week, I have kept the mind-set that the Universe is working for me and it has helped turn on a light switch that I never knew was off and I never want to turn off again.
(p.s – I’ve stopped naming my posts after songs but I’ll continue to update the playlist in the sidebar.x)

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