Wednesday, 19 October 2016

We Don't Give A

Shirt - Zara // Bodysuit - Missguided // Sweatpants - Pettylittlething // Bag - A gift // Shoes - Vans

Hey lovelies, sorry for the grainy-looking photos. Note to self: the best time to have a shoot is not before the sun sets. So I’m turning 21 soon, as I’ve previously mentioned, on the 23rd to be precise. I know in my previous post I talked about starting afresh and working on 2017 resolutions but I think the main thing I and I think a lot of people need to focus on is self-love. I was hesitant about putting up this post and these pictures mainly because of the little side-boob action going on but I was comfortable enough to wear this outfit out and I love these baggy sweats so in the process of carrying out some self-love I said f**k it and decided to make this post.

 There are a lot of aspects to this idea of self-love and I think one of the more important aspects is cutting out toxic people from your life. My friends laugh at me for my tweets on cutting people out but it’s one thing that a lot of people underestimate. Sometimes it’s hard to spot those who are toxic but when you do, you need to distance yourself from them. They will try different things to manipulate or control you such as trying to make you feel bad about yourself. They will try and use you and diminish your value. They’re the people that are constantly giving off negative energy. You know those people that feel like the world is always against them and only have negative things to say? Yeah, those people are toxic. I’ve come across a few people like that and being around them can lead to them sort of rubbing off on you. I try to stay happy as much as possible and when I’m in a mood, I try to distance myself from people so that I don’t spread negative vibes. Staying in close proximity with people who are toxic can be damaging and will only serve to drag you down. Self-love is about valuing yourself and I’m starting to kind of embark on that journey. I think I’ve done a lot of growing this year in regards to that but I know I have digressed a bit due to different situations and people, so it’s time to get back on track.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings on self-love (you will probably see more of them) and I hope everyone has a great week :)

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