Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tunnel Vision

Dress- Zara, Denim Jacket - Vintage Lee (via Blitz Remix), Shoes- Converse, Bag- Asos, Rings - Forever21

As I picked this dress off the rack in Zara, one of the few thoughts that crossed my mind was “what would people think?” When I say “what would people think”, I mean, would they like it? That is, if I were to use it in an outfit post or someone I know saw me around in it, would they approve of this choice as it doesn’t really have much of a shape and it’s pretty long so people might think I’m going more conservative with my style (LOL). This thought was fleeting though and it wasn’t my first one. When I first saw it, I loved it! However, I can’t deny that the second thought cropped up. One of the reasons I prefer going shopping alone is for this very fact. I start to ask the person I’m shopping with for their opinion on my choices which in turn just makes me more indecisive. I’ve long since stopped asking people for their opinions on my clothing choices because if you think about it, with the more input someone else has, can it actually remain solely your choice? I’m rambling now but the point I’m trying to make is that when it comes to style or most other decisions in your life, you should have a sort of tunnel vision. You shouldn’t focus on other people’s opinions or on what other people are doing. Make choices for yourself and follow your gut. I can’t tell you the amount of times I didn’t listen to my gut and it landed me in situations I really didn’t want to be in. The reasons I wouldn’t trust my gut were also because I ended up listening to someone else’s voice. Not everything needs several opinions. 

In other news, Zara really is the plug right now. You should be on that. 

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