Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I. Flight Of The Navigator

I. Flight Of The Navigator - Childish Gambino

Hey lovelies! If you’ve seen my recent Instagram posts then you would know that I went on  a trip to Berlin for about 4 days. On my Instagram, I promised a post on this and here it is! I decided to also put together a little vlog. This video doesn’t show everything I did in Berlin because I actually forgot to take my camera out with me on the first day and didn’t decide to vlog until really late, so these are just a few snippets of the whole trip.

I went on this trip as part of a sort of exchange program which aimed to empower young people of African origin for political participation in Europe. We got to talk to a a few government and political figures and got private tours of different government buildings in Berlin. We also attended some presentations, participated in a few workshops and came up with our own ideas on how to connect with other African youth and how to increase political participation. I felt super inspired by the end of it. A lot of people don't get involved in politics or learning about their governments or international issues because they feel that they won't be able to make a change but it's so important to try. People that have the power to affect what laws and policies that govern us won't feed us the information we need to make a change which makes it so important that we go out and find it for ourselves. They don't want us to know! This trip also made me more motivated to find out more about my origins and Africa in general. When we look at black history, we are only given the history of slavery and colonisation but that's only a small part of Africa's history. We need to change the narrative. 

It was a great experience to have and I learned SO much from the people I encountered. I think my favourite part of this trip was meeting some new incredible people and forming those friendships. I spent a lot of my time there laughing! I’ve been to Berlin before but I feel like I got to experience it this time in a different way. You can see some more of my trip on Instagram (@maevewp) :