Saturday, 13 February 2016

Concrete Jungle

Dress- Bershka, Bomber Jacket- Ebay, Trainers- New Balance via Asos

Currently watching Grey's Anatomy as I type this post, one of my favourite tv shows (if you know, you know, lol). Getting back to the post... I had these pictures taken in some really cool graffitied tunnels. You can't really tell how good the art is in these pictures but they literally cover the whole tunnel. All I could think when I looked up, was how could anyone get up there to spray paint. I will definitely be coming back here someday do my own work. 
I'm actually wearing a ribbed body con dress (if you can't tell through the pictures) and I really love this dress. It's perfect for winter because it's surprisingly warm and so is this bomber jacket! I was feeling the long-line bombers I kept seeing on guys but I thought they'd also look good on girls so I decided to get one; and of course I had to pair the dress off with some trainers. I realised I don't wear my glasses a lot in pictures (and I do wear glasses most of the time) so I thought I'd bring them out for these. I didn't realise how big they were, haha. 
Also, quick story time: While I was taking these pictures, a crazed dog ran up and started barking and growling at my cousin and me. I'm usually comfortable around dogs but I was NOT prepared for this. The dog cornered us and it's owners were so calm, I was thinking, does this happen often??? One of the owners eventually dragged the dog away (it had no leash) but not before we shouted at them several times to. It may sound funny now but we were terrified at the time. Moral of the story: if your dog is not trained, at least put it on a leash!!

Maeve. xx

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