Monday, 19 December 2016


It may seem a bit backwards doing an intro video after having released two videos previously but clearly I do not know the meaning of orthodox. SO here is a little intro to my channel and 5 random facts about me.

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Just Sayin/ I Tried

Jumper - H&M (similar) // Coat - Zara (similar) // Culottes - Topshop // Shoes - New Look // Choker - Topshop // Leather Cuff - Ebay

I know it's been a while but here's a new post! It's been a bit difficult trying to co-ordinate with people to carry out shoots especially when the days I'm free to take photos are also the days when it's been raining. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control get in the way of plans but you have to keep going if you want to reach your goals. Speaking about difficulty, I wanted to talk about dealing with difficult people. It's always hard when you have to deal with someone that's uncompromising, whether it's at work or at home or in public, especially when you need their help or need something from them. When I encounter people like these, I always have that saying at the back of my mind, "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". However, you can be the sweetest person in the world and the person you have to deal with can still be unaccommodating. It's frustrating but getting angry and  stooping down to the level of that person is not the answer. Even though it might feel good in that second, the chances are you'll end up regretting it. You can't compromise your character over difficult people, there will always be difficult people. Staying calm and gracious most times, will get you further than you think. 
Hope everyone has a great week.

P.S: A little announcement! I'm going to be doing a lot more youtube videos. I feel like it's easier to get out content that way and it'll let you guys get to know me a bit better. If there's anything you want to see from me, comment below or let me know on any of my social media platforms (links are in the bar to the right of my page).

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Special Affair

Hey lovelies. Here is the lookbook video I promised! 3 outfits for 3 concerts. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! 

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hoodie- Zara // Bomber Jacket - H&M (similar) // Trousers - Topshop // Shoes - Missguided // Choker - PrettyLittleThing

This hoodie is probably my favourite hoodie in my wardrobe as of right now and it was a spur purchase. That day I walked into Zara, I didn't intend on buying anything as I was only there to accompany someone else but as soon as I saw it, I had to get it. It's lightweight and super comfy but still retains a stylish quality to it. Hoodies are definitely one trend I'm happy to buy into. 

In other news, over the next two months I'm going to a few concerts I'm super excited about. I'll be seeing some of my favourite artists, namely: NAO, Chance the Rapper and Gallant. If you haven't heard of any of these people, I suggest you have a listen. They are also in my blog playlist at the side of my blog if you're curious. I may also do a concert lookbook. I know it's always a task trying to find something good to wear to a concert, especially in the winter because it might be cold when you're waiting in the line to get in and it will get really warm once you're inside vibing to the music and bumping into other people. If I don't do a lookbook, I may do vlogs so look out for videos on my youtube channel. Other than that, definitely follow me on my snapchat (maeve.wp) to get faster updates on what I'll be up to. 

Hope everyone has a great week! :) 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

We Don't Give A

Shirt - Zara // Bodysuit - Missguided // Sweatpants - Pettylittlething // Bag - A gift // Shoes - Vans

Hey lovelies, sorry for the grainy-looking photos. Note to self: the best time to have a shoot is not before the sun sets. So I’m turning 21 soon, as I’ve previously mentioned, on the 23rd to be precise. I know in my previous post I talked about starting afresh and working on 2017 resolutions but I think the main thing I and I think a lot of people need to focus on is self-love. I was hesitant about putting up this post and these pictures mainly because of the little side-boob action going on but I was comfortable enough to wear this outfit out and I love these baggy sweats so in the process of carrying out some self-love I said f**k it and decided to make this post.

 There are a lot of aspects to this idea of self-love and I think one of the more important aspects is cutting out toxic people from your life. My friends laugh at me for my tweets on cutting people out but it’s one thing that a lot of people underestimate. Sometimes it’s hard to spot those who are toxic but when you do, you need to distance yourself from them. They will try different things to manipulate or control you such as trying to make you feel bad about yourself. They will try and use you and diminish your value. They’re the people that are constantly giving off negative energy. You know those people that feel like the world is always against them and only have negative things to say? Yeah, those people are toxic. I’ve come across a few people like that and being around them can lead to them sort of rubbing off on you. I try to stay happy as much as possible and when I’m in a mood, I try to distance myself from people so that I don’t spread negative vibes. Staying in close proximity with people who are toxic can be damaging and will only serve to drag you down. Self-love is about valuing yourself and I’m starting to kind of embark on that journey. I think I’ve done a lot of growing this year in regards to that but I know I have digressed a bit due to different situations and people, so it’s time to get back on track.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings on self-love (you will probably see more of them) and I hope everyone has a great week :)

Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Fall

Jacket - Zara // Sweatshirt - Vintage Puma (via Asos marketplace  - miss fortune) // Sweatpants - PrettyLittleThing // Shoes - Missguided 

Deciding to get your life together should not be something that one does only at the beginning of the new year. We only have a couple of months left of 2016 and I feel like it's time to set some pre-resolutions. The way I see it, if I get into a routine of trying to put my resolutions into effect then in January, trying to stick to my resolutions won't be so hard. I've just started  uni again and my 21st birthday is looming, which may be what has sparked my intention to change and to somewhat start afresh and better myself. My goal before 2017 is to get my work, body and mind right. So far I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Trying to get yourself right, I have found, means you may also have to be a little bit selfish. It means saying no to that night out when you have a 9am the next day and a ton of reading to catch up on. It means saying no to that expensive dinner when you're trying to save money.  It means saying no to that ex who claims to want to be friends when you know it can't work. It means spending more time on yourself and your wellbeing; not giving yourself so much and so easily to other people. This I've found hard in the past but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes you've got to put yourself first in order to heal and grow. The leaves are changing and so can you.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

On & On

Top - Urban Outfitters // Culottes - Pretty Little Thing // Shoes - Converse // Choker - Topshop // Rings - Forever21

As I type this I'm in the midst of getting my camping gear together because I'm off to a festival later today but I didn't want to let my blog go untouched for another week so here's a new post for you guys! This look may be my last summer look on the blog till next year (*heartbreak). The season is changing and for some that means a change of wardrobe or it's back to school/uni and for others that means cuffing season is approaching (side note - cuffing season is actually a thing haha). One item in my closet that does stand the test of time however are my converses. As each season passes, my converses stay a firm staple in my wardrobe. They are so reliable and over-worn but there's something in them being messy and worn-in that makes them more attractive. Maybe it's the fact that it shows they have been well loved (super corny, I know). I know my trainers look slightly odd against this more girly off-shoulder attire but the tomboy in me had to add them to the look. 

Fun fact, I'm literally in them right now as I'm typing this but now I have to jet. Until next time! :)

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Jumpsuit - Asos // Jacket - Vintage (Rockit) // Shoes - Asos // Glasses - Urban Outfitters

So a friend recently asked me, how do you help someone who is not used to being alone or doesn't know how to be? I've always been pretty comfortable being by myself. I could hole up and seclude myself for long periods of time as I'm pretty comfortable with my own company. However, I do understand that if you're used to being around people 24/7, the idea of being alone for so long can be a bit daunting. And if you're trying not to think about a situation or a person, then it can be hard to be by yourself. This is why distractions are so so important.

When I say distractions, I don't mean things that will take you away from what you're working towards, I mean good distractions that help you zone out and let you stop thinking so much about something or someone that has been bugging you. For me, my main distraction at the moment is blogging. When I edit photos, I listen to music and I literally zone out completely. When I write up a post I also zone out. Writing and reading have always been good distractions in the past and they still are. Writing I find is very cathartic but if I have a lot on my mind and I don't feel like writing,  I exercise. The gym is one of my favourite distractions. Relying on someone to be a distraction can also be fun but at the same time it's quite dangerous because that person is not always going to be around when you need them. Also, you might end up hurting that person if a distraction is all he/she is to you. All in all, what I'm trying to say, is distractions (the right kinds) are sometimes necessary when life gets a bit too serious.

Also, can I say how much I love this jumpsuit? It's not only ridiculously comfy but it's great in the sense that you can dress it up or down as an outfit for the evening or if you're just lounging around during the day, owing to the fact that it's also a halter-neck. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely week and enjoying their distractions! :)

Monday, 15 August 2016

State of Mind

Top - Miss Selfridge // Shorts - a gift // Trench Coat - Primark // Shoes - Asos // Bag - Parfois

I know I've been awol from the blog and instagram recently, but here's a new post for you! I've been busy trying to move and sort things out, so my time has been dedicated to that. This trench coat is perfect for autumn/ the end of summer because it's super lightweight and the fact that it's black means it can go with almost anything. I decided to wear my orange shorts with it to add a bit of colour to this almost all- black outfit.

There are two things that I'm yet to get used to as a "blogger" and one of them is the staring. When I go out to take pictures, people passing by always feel the need to stare. I understand the curiosity but sometimes the staring gets a bit uncomfortable. However, I can't complain that much because there are some really friendly people that come up and compliment my look or awkwardly wave as they pass in their cars as some sort of sign of acknowledgment (which was the case whilst I was shooting this look). Although the staring is uncomfortable and I am yet to completely get used to it, it definitely helps the development of a f**k it attitude which is kinda awesome.

The other thing I am yet to get used to is people calling me a "blogger". Yes, I own a blog but it still feels weird whenever someone calls me a blogger. I think it's the fact that I downplay a lot of what I do. Recently I noticed quite a few people telling me I underestimate myself and this might be true. I feel like I do this mostly because I feel like I can always be doing better or there's something more I can be doing to develop further in whatever I do. I'm not entirely content if there's room for improvement. These are just a few thoughts that have been circulating round by head this weekend. I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Top - Zara // Pinafore Dress - Asos // Shoes - Nike via Asos // Choker - Topshop

I've been loving this off-shoulder trend that has been sweeping through so many wardrobes this summer so I decided to get on the bandwagon and make a post featuring mine. What's odd is that I actually bought this top about a year or so ago but I never really wore it but I refused to let go of it because I had a feeling this trend would come back in. I'm so happy it did. I've never tried out this outfit combo before but I fell so in love with it once I put it on. Definitely my favourite outfit so far this summer. 
In other news, I'm sure most of you have seen the new instagram update by now. Honestly I don't know how to feel about it. I don't think I'll be switching from snapchat anytime soon (with so many fun filtersss). I won't be posting any stories just yet. Instagram may have crossed the line on this one, disrupting the balance of social media. Ok, I'm being dramatic haha. What do you guys think of the new update? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on any one of my social media platforms :)