Thursday, 31 December 2015

Into the new year...

Hey lovelies, I know it's been a whileeee but I thought I'd start this year off with a blog post! So much has happened since my last post, both good and bad, but I won't get into that today. I just thought it would be appropriate to say what I've learned in  the past year and let you guys know some of my new years resolutions and some general advice to take into the new year. This is definitely one of my more personal/chatty posts but I thought it would be great to share and I hope you get something from it...

10 things I learned in 2015:

1. Don't dwell on the past - When you keep looking backwards on how other people have wronged you or how you have failed at something, you end up torturing yourself by staying in that mind frame. You are stuck in the  negativity of the past when you need to forgive others or yourself and move on. You need to open yourself up to what's ahead because God has so many plans for you if you just let him work.
2. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" - I can't express to you how true this was for me in 2015. I tried so many new things and did so much that my 2014 self would never have considered. Don't wait for life to come to you! Go out and try things. The experiences and memories you will make will stick with you. I could go on about this topic but maybe I'll save that for another post (let me know if you guys are interested in story time posts haha)
3. Don't hang on to people that don't mind throwing you away - What I mean by this is that you should not be making so much of an effort to be with someone or to be friends with someone if they are not putting in the same effort into the relationship as you are. You deserve more than someone who only hits you up when they're bored or when it's convenient to them. This reminds me of that quote: "know your self worth and add taxes to it". :)
4. Be yourself - This is such a cliche statement but one that has to be reiterated because sometimes I forget. We forget. Everyone is different. From the way we look to our personalities and style. Just because someone is different, doesn't mean they are better or worse than you are. 
5. Stay away from negativity - Negativity in your life can make a situation go from bad to worse. Negativity can come in the form of people or your own mind frame. You know those people that are always talking about others behind their backs and spewing nasty comments? Those are the negative people I'm talking about. Not only will they probably be talking about you too but their negativity may also spread and cause you to act in the same way. In regards to your mind, always try and look on the bright side of things. If you can't in that moment, take a minute, let out a tear etc but get back up and get positive. This takes me back to point #1, don't dwell!
6. Don't trust just anyone - This should go without saying. Most things I keep to myself but when I need someone to talk to, I make sure it's someone I can trust with that information completely. If you're a private person, like me, you definitely need to be careful what you tell others. I've learned this lesson time and time again over the past year. Not everyone is a friend you can trust.
7. Some people come into your life as a lesson - Not everyone that comes into your life is meant to stay there and that's ok.  
8. Be patient, good things will happen in time - In the meantime, count your blessings and be happy with what you've got.
9. Don't procrastinate - This was definitely one of my problems in 2015 and I saw the consequences of procrastination. Do not procrastinate. They say start with the hardest task first. That usually helps.
10. Surround yourself with people who care - This has been more than evident to me in 2015. I found that my favourite moments where when I had people around me who I knew cared about my well-being. I had fun surrounding myself with those people even though we were probably just hanging out talking or not doing much. On the other hand, when I went out with a bunch of people I wasn't comfortable with, the experience was totally different. Basically, surround yourself with people who care.

5 new years resolutions:
1. Stop Procrastinating
2. Work hard and stay focused
3. Stay healthy
4. Stay happy and positive
5. Let go of bad vibes lol

Hope this post does as much good to you reading it as it did to me writing it.

- Maeve. xx

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