Friday, 2 June 2017


Top - Miss Selfridge  (similar) // Trousers - House Of Sunny (via Asos) // Boots - RAID (via Asos) // Jacket - Zara (similar)

A full week has gone by since I wrote my last exam so I thought it was time for a new post. Aside from feeling a little lost, I am mostly relieved to be done. I’ve grown a lot through university and it has definitely humbled me because, let’s be honest, this sh*t ain’t easy. People warned me law would be hard but me being the stubborn person that I am, topped with the fact that I like challenging myself, I thought I should apply anyway. I honestly don’t regret studying law but I realised (due to how stifled of creativity law is) I am definitely more of a creative person. I like the idea of bringing concepts to life (whether it’s through words or photography or film), which in hindsight, is probably why I created this blog. The future is definitely uncertain right now and I can’t tell if this is something to be frightened of or excited about – maybe a little bit of both? Anyways, keeping watching this space. Also, if you’re wondering about my hair, I did a big chop last October but I thought I’d leave it out for a while since it’s no longer winter and I don’t have to worry about the weather damaging it right now. If you want to know more details (like how I take care of it etc), put your questions in the comments on this post and I’ll make a post on it.

Saturday, 15 April 2017


Knowing that I will be away from this blog and posting less on social media until the end of May, I felt like I owed you all an explanation. As you are a aware, I am a student (currently studying law at UCL ) and I am in the heat of exam season. My exams start in about two weeks and they don't finish till the end of May. Yes, that means I am going on hiatus again - cry with me. I've had to turn down certain opportunities and put so many ideas on hold in favour of getting my degree but I promise I will be back this summer serving a lot more looks and bringing you more content (and hopefully, a new website). I assure you that I am not abandoning this space but merely taking a step back for the sake of my degree. If anyone else is trudging through exam season like me, push through & good luck!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fashion Show BTS

Hey lovelies! I know it's been a while since I posted. Things have been quite hectic for me. Last week I had three essays due in, a show to walk in, reading to catch up on + tutorials to read for (uggh), a birthday dinner to go to - I'm drained haha. I managed to put a video together from some shots I got behind the scenes of my Uni's fashion society's annual show. Enjoy! (and don't forget to like comment and subscribe!) 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Child's Play

Denim Jacket - Blitz Remix (vintage) // Top - Miss Selfridge + DIY (similar)/ // Coat -Zara // Bottoms - Topshop (similar) // Shoes - Vans Sk8-His

Back with another outfit post! I decided to try something a bit different with this look and wear two coats/jackets instead of one. I was surprised at how well they actually went together. I would definitely recommend adding an extra coat or jacket to your look if you want a little twist. 

Some food for thought: have you ever felt you were just playing at something? Let's say you're aspiring to be something- a photographer, a writer or a musician, and you're following all the steps you think you should take but you're still not where you know you want to be. I keep meeting people that are doing similar things to what I want to do or things similar to what I am doing but they are just a lot more accomplished or better at whatever it is. At a point, this was disheartening. I felt like I wasn't achieving as much as I should be and in a way that I just wasn't good enough. I let myself get into that negative mindset and I feel like this is one of the reasons a lot of people are discouraged from doing what they love or whole-heartedly going for something they believe in- because they lack a belief in themselves. I had to realise that everyone starts somewhere. Even if you're not where you want to be now, that doesn't mean you won't ever get there. You can't start running if you don't even know how to stand yet. A lot of people are where they are now because they kept going, despite so many voices telling them they weren't good enough or what they imagined was impossible. You don't have to be incredibly talented at something to get good at it, you just have to not give up.

Anyways, that is where my head has been for the past week or so. Staying positive and believing in yourself is an incredibly hard task but not impossible.

Also, I would really like to bring out more content for you guys on this blog, so please comment below if there's anything else you would particularly like to see from me (videos, reviews, etc)! :)

Saturday, 4 February 2017


Sheer top - Missguided // Bra top - Missguided // Pants - Asos // Coat- Zara // Shoes - Bershka

Sheer tops in winter, a statement or a sign that I’m losing it? Maybe a little bit of both. In my defence I wasn’t cold! I also feel like we should focus on the fact that I’m wearing heels. Full-on inches-off-the-ground, could-break-my-neck-but-not-really, adulting heels. I’m more of a trainers kind of girl but I feel like the heels really compliment the sporty vibe these pants are giving off. 

I never really buy or wear heels but I thought, ‘why not’. They were inexpensive as I bought them during the boxing day sales. I’m trying to stray from my comfort zone with these heels, as well as in many aspects of my life. Comfort zones are so cozy but they’re stationary. When you don’t try new things, you get to be safe, you don’t push yourself but you also don’t see what else you’re capable of. And when we try and chase a dream or rise to new levels in life, we’re always going to have to do things we’re not comfortable with until we reach where we want to be and/or to maintain our dream or position when we finally get there. Adulting also requires that we do things we’re not comfortable with in order for us to grow. Adulting isn’t fun but sometimes it has to be done. 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Straight Lines

Sweatshirt - Zara (here) // Skirt - Motel Rocks (similar) // Shoes- Nike via Asos // Jacket - Bershka (similar)

As a kid, I used to be really rigid. I walked the straight line. Corners, curves, dents? I didn’t know what those were. I was the typical goody-two-shoes, teacher’s pet, quiet, followed the rules. Basically I tried my hardest not to step out of line. The person I am now is soo far from the kid I was. Thinking back now, I don’t know what I was so scared of. Maybe that if I didn’t please one person, that the world would fall apart? Growing as a person meant that I learnt to let go a lot more and take more risks, however, last year I realised some of my rigidity still remained.
If you’re the kind of person that replies super quickly to texts, then you’re like me. And like me, you probably get really annoyed when you get snail-like responses and often find yourself asking, “did this person throw their phone off a cliff?”. It wasn’t until last year that I realised how much this got on my nerves. I was texting someone who was an INCREDIBLY slow texter (albeit this person was busy quite often) but it irked me every time I had to wait so long for a reply. Whenever it would irk me I would quickly let it go but it would happen again and a little dragon in me would breathe out the tiniest flame of irritation. I had to sit down and ask myself why did this always seem to annoy me? It wasn’t just happening with this one person but with a few other people I cared about as well. I eventually realised that this issue was not to do with any of these people but to do with myself.
I have always made an effort to reply quickly to messages. Mostly because I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care about them or that I disregard their existence (this fear stemming from a prior bad situation) and partly because I have an abnormal attachment to my phone (lol). Regardless, I was projecting this idea onto other people. Just because someone doesn’t reply quickly does not necessarily mean they don’t care. They could have their phone on silent, be in a meeting, be in the shower or a whole other myriad of circumstances. If someone really doesn’t care about you, you will know in the way they treat you and not just in what they say/ how they text. Eventually, I realised this aspect of my life was something I wanted control in and also something I had to shake. I had to stop being so rigid about this because it wasn’t benefiting me or anyone else. Obviously you are are right to be annoyed if the person hasn't responded in like a week (I would suggest that in this case cut them off because they actually don't care).
I’ve definitely rambled on but what I’m trying to say is, you need to look at the reasons behind why you do things, and if, like me, it’s something in your life you’re trying to control, LOOSEN UP and relax. You can’t control everything; sometimes you have to embrace the corners, curves and dents. Straight lines are not always as cool as they look on this outfit.